Egyptian Christians Under Attack

Egyptian Christians are under attack. From the news: “The leader of Egypt’s Coptic Christian church is warning of increased attacks on Christians, saying national unity is being “defaced.” In a Monday meeting with lawmakers, Pope Tawadros II said that since 2013 there have been 37 sectarian attacks on Christians — nearly an incident a month.”

“The pope made his comments after he met with a parliamentary delegation which was composed of members of parliament’ Committee on Religious Affairs and the Support Egypt bloc at Cairo’s Al-Abbasiya Cathedral. The pope cited a report compiled by the church showing that in the past three years there have been 37 attacks on Christians; an average of one attack per month.”

Daily News Egypt quotes the pope as saying, “Egypt is known for the special coexistence between its Muslim and Christian population, and for not looking upon Copts as a minority. This is being distorted in front of the world, and it’s our responsibility is to correct it.”

So, why should Americans care about the plight of Egyptian Christians?

“Today, the Copts­­ — Christian Egyptians — comprise the largest Christian community in the Middle East, with more than 9 million Copts living in Egypt, and another million estimated to be practicing their faith in the United States and countries including Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Africa. . . The Coptic Church is based on the teachings of Saint Mark, who brought Christianity to Egypt during the reign of the Roman emperor Nero in the first century. While Christianity disappeared completely in some regions, it has survived for more than 19 centuries in Egypt under Islamic dynasties. Its ancient roots put it on par with Chinese or Indian civilizations, and makes Coptic culture vital for understanding the ancient world, or any of the modern institutions it has influenced.”

Why the increase of violence against Egyptian Christians?

“Coptic Christians in Egypt have faced persecution for their faith for years, both at the hands of some in the local Muslim majority, but also with the rise of the Islamic State terror group, which has spread into the country.”

That an alleged Junior Varsity team has spread its tentacles into Egypt should be troubling for freedom-loving people everywhere.

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Image Source: Library of Congress

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