Discontent with Clinton and Trump

The discontent that American voters have with this year’s Democrat and Republican presidential nominees is often highlighted in news reports and for good reason. A 06/29/16 Quinnipiac poll shows just how bad the discontent is.

Quinnipiac University Poll assistant director Tim Malloy states, “It would be difficult to imagine a less flattering from-the-gut reaction to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This is where we are. Voters find themselves in the middle of a mean-spirited, scorched earth campaign between two candidates they don’t like. And they don’t think either candidate would be a good president.”

Such discontent with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is illustrated in a comment that New Orleans resident George McGregor sent to the Fox News Halftime Report:

“I’m shocked and appalled that no one has started making Brewster’s Million’s jokes and/or started a campaign for None of the Above. I bet the next Q-Poll would have None of the Above with a double digit lead over both candidates.”

The discontent about Clinton’s candidacy may grow worse considering what The Washington Post reported on 06/29/16:

As Hillary Clinton tries to put to rest the controversy over her private email server that has dogged her presidential campaign, she has repeatedly cited her willingness to make her work correspondence public as evidence that she has nothing to hide. “I have provided all of my work-related emails, and I’ve asked that they be made public, and I think that demonstrates that I wanted to make sure that this information was part of the official records,” she told ABC News last month. But disclosures over the past several weeks have revealed dozens of emails related to Clinton’s official duties that crossed her private server and were not included in the 55,000 pages of correspondence she turned over to the State Department when the agency sought her emails in 2014.

Clinton’s actions pertaining to her e-mail are reminiscent of President Nixon’s actions pertaining to the tape recording of his meeting with H.R. Haldeman in the Oval Office on June 20, 1972. By the time that the Oval Office tape recordings finally reached Watergate investigators, the recording of the Nixon-Haldeman meeting had been erased.

The Articles of Impeachment against Nixon state that Nixon is guilty of “making or causing to be made false or misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States into believing that a thorough and complete investigation had been conducted with respect to allegations of misconduct on the part of personnel of the executive branch of the United States and personnel of the Committee for the Re-election of the President, and that there was no involvement of such personnel in such misconduct.”

Although Clinton has not been indicted for criminal wrongdoing (at least not yet), she gives the appearance that she is as deceptive as Nixon.

The voter discontent about Donald Trump is due to him being uncouth. The voter discontent about Hillary Clinton is due to her being Nixonesque.

If I had to choose between uncouth and Nixonesque, then I’d choose the former.

Then again, like plenty of American voters, I’d prefer to reset the entire presidential race.

Reset of Presidential Contest

Side Note: A report by The Smoking Gun reveals how the Clinton campaign tries to stop reporters from asking Hillary Clinton questions. Granted, a reporter shouldn’t invade a candidate’s personal space without permission in order to ask a question. Still, Clinton’s staff members seem determined to prevent reporters from asking Clinton questions even when reporters aren’t doing such a thing.

(Originally posted @ The Moderate Voice)

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