Pandora and Her Gun Shop

In Greek mythology, Pandora caused trouble for Mankind by releasing into the world that which was supposed to be kept locked away.

A modern-day version of the Pandora story has been taking place in the USA. Instead of opening a locked container, the modern Pandora has enabled weapons made for warfare to be sold on the open market.

As previously reported, the firearm used in the Orlando shooting – the Sig Saur MCX – was developed for use by members of the U.S. military’s special forces.

Now, the family of AR-15-designer Eugene Stoner has spoken out, saying that the AR-15 (which has been used in other mass shootings) was never met for civilian use.

Granted, the versions of the aforementioned weapons sold on the open market aren’t automatic weapons. However, the rate at which they can be fired is fast enough to compensate for the lack of the “automatic” feature should one desire to use such a weapon to attack a group of people. Plus, magazines made for such firearms can hold up to 30 rounds of ammunition.

Was it necessary for such weapons to be sold on the open market? No, of course not.

Should such weapons now be banned from the open market? That is debatable.

On the one hand, enacting such a ban would be like Pandora closing her box* after all of the bad stuff had escaped from it.

On the other hand, such a ban would make it much more difficult for lone-wolf attackers to get their hands on such weapons.

Whether or not such a ban would be effective, one thing should be clear to all: An American gun shop shouldn’t be a modern-day Pandora’s box*.

It is one thing to sell rifles designed for hunting and pistols designed for self-defense. It is another thing to sell weapons designed for warfare.

In the Pandora story, Hope remained. Today, there is hope that Americans will, in the words of Gretchen Carlson, “start getting real” about the gun laws that the USA needs.
Pandora's Gun Shop

*Historical Note: In the earliest version of the Pandora story, Pandora opens a sealed storage jar instead of a box.

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