No Golden Ticket For Willy Wonka Candy Plant Workers


Apropos of nothing comes a good excuse for a Willy Wonka post. From ABC:

The Itasca Fire Protection District responded to an early-morning call at the Willy Wonka Candy Factory in the Chicago suburb to find the building being evacuated.

Employees complained of respiratory problems after about 5 gallons of a humidity-regulating solution of lithium chloride leaked from the ventilation system, according to Deputy Chief John Radzinski.

Of the 17 people treated by EMS at the scene, 11 sought further medical help at hospitals for “non-life-threatening” illnesses, Radzinski told ABC News today.

A Nestlé spokesman said in a statement: “At this hour, I’m happy to report that all 11 of the employees have been released.”

Visual proof that everyone is OK…


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