Google Is Suppressing The Search Term “Crooked Hillary” By Pretending It Doesn’t Exist


Life imitates art.

In the HBO comedy “Silicon Valley” the corrupt owner of search engine company Hooli instructs his engineers to suppress negative coverage of one of the companies failures – a compression division called Nucleus. When a tech blog calls them out on this there are mass protests.

Surely that couldn’t happen on a real search engine like Google, right?

According to Google’s auto-complete formula the phrase “Crooked Hillary” really doesn’t exist as a stand-alone phrase, even though Donald Trump mentions it several times in every campaign rally or interview and includes the phrase in tweets. Then there’s the millions of tweets, Facebook posts, and media mentions of this latest Trump nickname.

Maybe they are forgetting another popular Trump nickname as well.

lying ted

I guess not…

Note: Screenshot taken June 2, 2016

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