Bill Kristol’s Big Plan To Stop Donald Trump Looks To Be As Successful As Every Previous #NeverTrump Scheme


Weekly Standard columnist Bill Kristol, a diehard #NeverTrump’er if ever there was one, shocked the world with his answer to Donald Trump – a National Review pundit known by literally dozens of other people outside of his immediate family and friend, as the new standard-bearer against the rise of Trump. This latest dead-on-arrival salvo, from the folks who brought you the brokered convention, delegate stealing, candidates conspiring, and other assorted “nothing burgers,” is the most #NeverTrump-ian of all the #NeverTrump schemes – simultaneously bloviated and beclowning. As such it required much build-up about how this time “it’s serious” or “a game changer.”

News of this potential third-party candidate (forget the fact that he is too late to run in many states and unlikely to get enough signatures to make the ballot in states he could still run in) have the diehard #NeverTrump crew positively tingling.

Leon Wolf at BlueRedState:

I don’t have a duty or obligation of any kind to vote for a candidate who might win. The only duty I have – to myself or anyone else – is to vote for the candidate who is most deserving of my vote. Hell, by the time election day of 2008 rolled around, McCain had no chance, and we all voted for him, didn’t we?

A rousing endorsement indeed! OK, so that’s not really a “tingling” endorsement. Maybe Erick Erickson can do better:

Trump’s supporters remind me relentlessly that I tried to stop Trump in the primaries and failed and therefore no one listens to me and I have no ability to affect the election. Their collective freak out over David French now suggests they really do think those of us who might support David French can affect the election.

Erickson epic failure to influence an audience (Republican primary voters) as the bulwark of #NeverTrump-ism portends even less relevance going forward as part of (how to say this without LOL’ing) at #FrenchRevolution. Even in the echosphere of Erickson’s Twitter universe there is no “freak out.” There is only mocking and soon memes.

Matt Lewis at Roll Call at least recognizes the French’s constiuency is literally confined to the pundit class:

As of today, I’m more famous than David French…

Don’t get me wrong, if he gets on the ballot, I’ll vote for David French. But I suspect we could hold his nominating convention in a decent-sized phone booth. Or, better yet, we could just meet in the break room of The Weekly Standard or National Review, since that will constitute much of his constituency. (And besides, good luck finding a phone booth these days!)

Trump is the Republican nominee – he beat 17 other candidates and collected more votes than any candidate in GOP primary history. You can vote for him or against him, but an alternative candidate “elected” by the GOPe pundit class is every bit as tone-deaf as the campaign against him in the primaries – maybe more so.

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