Pseudo Reporter Michelle Fields Returns

Although The Hill calls her a reporter, Michelle Fields plays the part of a pseudo reporter with a political ax to grind. That is the takeaway from a story in The Hill.

Reporter Michelle Fields on Monday said Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign cannot treat Donald Trump as the former secretary of State’s equal. “You see the Hillary Clinton campaign, they need to make sure that they don’t treat Trump as serious candidate,” she told host Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s “All In.” “[It is] not to normalize Donald Trump. Treat him as though he is just this reality show star that’s unfit to be president.

By declaring Donald Trump unfit to be President, Fields has dropped all pretense of being a serious reporter. Instead of reporting the news, Fields is playing the part of Zara in William Congreve’s play The Mourning Bride: “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

Fields was scorned when Trump’s campaign manager stopped her from asking Trump a question. Fields was scorned when her former employer Breitbart didn’t immediately support her claim about what happened with the campaign manager. She was scorned when prosecutors declined to prosecute the campaign manager.

So, Fields is now working for the Huffington Post, as reported by Politico: “The Huffington Post has hired former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, the site announced on Sunday. Fields will be on the political team covering presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, an interesting position for Fields considering her history with the campaign.”

Were there no openings for her at conservative-leaning media outlets? As much as Bill Kristol loathes Trump’s candidacy, why didn’t he put her to work for the Weekly Standard? Didn’t Erick Erickson have a place for her at Red State?

Perhaps Fields expects Huffington Post press credentials to enable her to cross boundaries that reporters aren’t supposed to cross, just as she did in the incident involving Trump’s campaign manager.

Regardless of the reason for her joining the Huffington Post, her doing so will signal to political conservatives that Fields is a pseudo conservative who probably should never have worked for Breitbart.

Granted, one doesn’t have to be a conservative in order to be a good reporter as long as one maintains some semblance of journalistic ethics. Only time will tell if Fields is capable of doing so. If she can’t, then perhaps she can take lessons from Robin Roberts, the latter being a journalist of fine repute.

As noted in a Mediaite article, Michelle Fields still complains about Trump’s response to what happened between her and his campaign manager.

Fields said it was absolutely bizarre to see the candidate of her own party “lying about me repeatedly on television.”

Her own party? Is that why Fields wants Hillary Clinton to win?

Anyway, Fields is in the public spotlight because she crossed a security boundary that other reporters refrained from crossing. The act of her doing so without apology reminds this writer of the Millennials who were lampooned in a 2015 Saturday Night Live skit. Salvator La Mastra explains the skit in The Blaze commentary ‘SNL’ Mocks Self-Absorbed Millennials.

“SNL” started the sharp sketch focusing on the millennial generation’s feelings of entitlement. A young girl, frantically texting on her iPhone, approaches her boss and, without looking up, asks for a promotion. The boss, who had spent his whole life working his way to the top of the company, asks how long the girl had been there, to which she replies, “Three days.” She goes on to say she would like to be directer of communications or “pictures” because she is good at photoshop. The boss just looks at her like she’s an entitled and uneducated brat.

Of course Michelle Fields was entitled to go up to Donald Trump, touch his arm and ask him a question, even though the other reporters stayed back as instructed.

By the way, Trump didn’t want to be touched by Fields. Isn’t unwanted touching grounds for a charge of assault?

Michelle Fields vs SNL

Personal Note: This writer doesn’t favor any presidential candidate. Seeing who the candidates are, this writer would like to sleep in until year 2020, and there are probably plenty of Americans who would like to do the same thing.

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