The Religiosity of March Madness


Many of my fellow Virginians, including more than a couple of family members, are having a tough time getting over UVA’s loss last night to Syracuse, particularly after blowing a 16 point lead.  A number 1 seed getting beat, in an incredible way, by a number 10 seed.

C’mon Wahoos… what the heck happened?

We’ll likely never know but what is clear is that March Madness is yet again living up to its moniker.

Which brings us to a piece over at Aleteia I found rather fascinating, more particularly, the video that’s featured, starring (if you will) Fr. Rob Ketcham.  I think it’s excellent… take a peek and let us know what you think:

Fr. Ketcham’s got many more insightful, educational and inspiring videos at

You’re seriously missing out if you’re not keeping up with the guy.

Carry on.

Originally published at Brutally Honest.

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