Sharknado 4 (with movie trailer)

Sharknado Forecast

Now for the weather report . . . a Sharknado watch will be in effect for SYFY fans this coming July, during which we will discover if April may go on being as lively as a June bug.

As Fin is once again in the soup, with little Gil instead of big Gil, what chaos will they swim through?

Will the Shepards get the crook? Who will be on the menu this time?

This Summer phenomenon is expected to be more campy than Adam West singing Kumbaya.

So, get your chain saw ready. If you miss out, then you will be saying, “Oh Hell No!”

Also, you might want to update your homeowner’s insurance.

Sharknado 4 is produced by The Asylum. How crazy is that?

Image Notes:

Weather-report image is an altered version of one created by a high school student.

Sharknado insurance joke from Mashable.

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