Ann Coulter has foot-in-mouth disease.

Coulter foot in mouth disease

Right wing-nut polemicist Ann Coulter is in need of some kind of psychological intervention before she ends up in some kind of mental facility.

She often acts like she is the person Freddy Mercury sings about in the first stanza of the Queen song “I’m Going Slightly Mad”.

How else would one describe a polemicist who insists that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is an immigrant who does not understand America’s history and who should be deported? Gov. Haley is a natural-born U.S. citizen who was born and raised in South Carolina. As Freddy Mercury would sing, Coulter hasn’t got a clue.

Now, Coulter’s mental deterioration has taken a turn for the worse, with her making an insane statement on her Twitter account.

That tweet of Coulter’s has her fans yelling in unison, “Have you lost your mind?!!!”

Even supporters of Donald Trump can figure out that Coulter has gone beyond the pale with her rhetoric.

If she continues with this sort of moon-bat behavior, then eventually she will be hearing this:

DISCLAIMER: The author of this post is not actually making a diagnosis of Ann Coulter’s mental state. Only a trained, licensed professional can do that.

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