Kim Kardashian needs a whaaambulance.


Kim Kardashian has discovered that not everyone in Hollywood is impressed with her public exposure of her entire body.

From ABC News:

“Kardashian and [Bette] Midler are in the middle of a heated twitter feud. The war of words began Monday after Kardashian posted a risqué photo of herself on her social media accounts. The photo, which Kardashian claims was taken over a year ago, showed the reality star posing completely nude in a bathroom, with two strategically-placed black censor bars covering her below the waist, as well as her breasts, to keep the photo from being banned from Twitter and Instagram.”

Here is Bette Midler’s tweet in response to Kim’s Twitter photo:

Here is Kim’s reply:

Among those who responded to Kim’s Twitter photo is American actress Chloë Grace Moretz, who played Carolyn Stoddard in the 2012 movie Dark Shadows and who played the title character in the 2013 remake of the classic horror movie Carrie.

Here is Chloë’s response to Kim’s Twitter photo:

Kim replied with this:

Apparently, Kim doesn’t read People magazine or watch the People’s Choice Awards, because if she did, then she would know that Chloë won the first People Magazine Award for Next Generation Star and won the 2015 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress.

In other words, Chloë has gained fame for actually having talent, unlike Kim.

Chloë has been too nice to Kim. The former should have responded to the latter the same way that Carolyn Stoddard responded to Barnabas Collins.

Well, Twitter readers have not been so kind. Here is one reader’s response to Kim:

Enough said.

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