And Then There Were Three (and some other guy on stage)

Last night’s eleventh GOP Debate was entertaining, but not terribly informative.  Matt Drudge summed it up thus:



The next two weeks will be interesting, as most of the Delegates will be decided in Closed Primaries and Closed Caucuses (where Trump has fared poorly to date). Or, as Michael Z. Williamson noted in The National Review: “What Trump and McCain Have in Common: Democrats”

Which, as I recall, didn’t work out so well…


UPDATE: Trump abruptly reneged on his scheduled CPAC appearance.  As Guy Benson notes (at Townhall):

…it seems likely that the controversial mogul couldn’t stomach the prospect of getting heavily booed in a half-empty room (due in part to early start time and long security lines) tomorrow morning.


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