“… the true heart of darkness in Donald Trump”


Fr. Dwight Longenecker gets to the meat of the problem with the GOP front-runner:

It was not his vulgarity, his coarse language, his sexist attacks, or his crude aggressive name calling.

It was not his lies, mendacity, manipulation and innate dishonesty.

It was not his fake tan, fake teeth, fake hair and fake face.

It was not his history of buying politicians, scheming to grab property from old ladies, planned bankruptcies and running casinos.

It was not his bragging, racism, boasting and megalomania.

It was that little question thrown at him which turned out to be a curve ball.

The question was something like, “Who in your life is able to challenge you and say you are wrong? From whom do you take criticism?”

He stuttered and stammered before hemmed and hawed after saying weakly that his wife tells him when he’s wrong. He then went on to his usual line about how his is a winner, he is a billionaire. He is a successful businessman.

This, combined with his admission that he has “never said sorry to God” and “never apologized for anything” shows the true heart of darkness in Donald Trump.

If a man cannot see that he has done wrong and apologize and accept an apology, then it is impossible for him to repent, and if it is impossible for him to repent, then that man is lost. His heart is the same as that other beautiful created being who, from the beginning and forever is not able to bow his head or bow his knee.

Then someone else noticed a chilling detail from the first moments of the debate.

Click on over and finish with the good Father.

I am as opposed to Donald Trump as I was (am) to Barack Obama… Trump will be as bad if not worse for this country and Fr. Longenecker has nailed the reasons why.

Electing Donald Trump is the equivalent of electing a combox warrior.  Why in God’s name would we want to do that?

Carry on.

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