Building An “Everyone Does It” Defense

Deceitfully, of course.

The Democrats’ New Game: State Goes Back and Retroactively Classifies Emails Sent to Powell’s and Rice’s Personal Accounts, So They Can Say “Everybody Does It”

Ace, Ace of Spades

Then they leak this to Hillary Mob Lawyer Elijah Cummings, who in turn passes it on to the media.

Keep pushing it, guys.

The interesting thing here is that State can classify, or declassify, information originating with State. But they cannot classify, nor declassify, information originating with another service, like the CIA or NSA.

Hillary is claiming that State “disputes” the CIA’s and NSA’s determination that the information she was passing around was top-top-secret. Shockingly secret. State is disputing this on her behalf — but they have no such power to classify or declassify CIA or NSA information.

Indeed.  The Agency which generates Intelligence determines the Classification Level of that Intelligence to protect assets and means of collection, the revelation of which would cause damage to the National Interests of the United States.  This extends to classifying a collection of demonstrably un-classified information (from open sources) which, taken as a body and with the implication that the Agency views it as aaccurate, make it sensitive despite its mundane origins.

This is not one of those cases.

This is Foggy Bottom trying to erect an “everybody does it” defense for Madam former Secretary.

State does, however, have the power to retroactively classify emails originating from State — such as an Ambassador sending Colin Powell an email — and that, I say, is what they have done. I can’t prove this — but I have a feeling I know the game here.

They are picking out some innocuous emails and retroactively declaring “Those are now classified” in order to provide cover to this disgusting vulture they’ve already been providing cover to.

Colin Powell suggests as much — at least that these are perfectly innocuous, being falsely claimed to be classified.

In a statement, Powell said the two emails he received were not judged to contain confidential information at the time they were sent to him by American ambassadors.”I wish they would release them,” Powell told NBC News, “so that a normal, air-breathing mammal would look at them and say, ‘What’s the issue?'”

I join Ace in his opinion.  This is pure BS.

Indict Hillary Clinton and arrest her.

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