Reagan: “We maintain our strength in order to deter and defend against aggression…”

Leftists, with President Obama being the Leftist-in-Chief, will never stop trying to rob Americans of their gun rights. We must, with greater vigor, oppose them every step of the way. One of the ways to do so is to continually provide examples of Americans who successfully defend themselves and others from criminal acts.

In the case of Katie Claxton and her husband, the mere presence of a handgun stopped a knife-wielding man in his tracks:

On Sunday evening, Katie Claxton was sitting in a car with her four young children while her husband was pumping gas, when a man wielding a large knife approached her vehicle. Claxton said she cringes to think what might have happened if her husband hadn’t pointed a gun at the man and scared him off.

“Our Second Amendment right to carry is what saved our lives,” Claxton said. “If we didn’t have our right to carry, I feel like we wouldn’t be here today.”

Claxton said she reached over to try to lock the doors as the man approached, but she accidentally rolled down the window. Claxton said the man opened the door, leaned into the car and brandished a long knife.

Claxton said she yelled for her husband Matt to get his gun, and the man then began to leave.

“He said ‘You’re lucky he has a gun,'” Claxton said. “And then he shut the door and started to back away.”

Claxton said her husband pointed his Berettahandgun [sic] at the man and called 911 as the man slowly walked away.

The family then began following the man in its vehicle as he walked down Sunshine Street. Claxton said the man tried unsuccessfully to get into some cars that were waiting at a nearby intersection, and police officers then arrived and arrested the man.

I was recently asked on another thread why gun carriers are so fearful. I sincerely hope the questioner won’t ever have to face a similar scenario. Perhaps she could offer to bake an attacker some cookies.

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