“This is a historically myopic view…”

Since Rodney is being Rodney and has deleted my comment stating merely that the following piece, related to his Scalia post, is interesting, I thought I’d do an end around Rodney’s obtuseness and immaturity by simply posting an excerpt of it here for additional discussion:

This is a historically myopic view of how religious works in the United States. Sehat’sThe Myth of American Religious Freedom documents how the Protestant Mainline long used Antonin_Scaliareligious freedom to promote their brand of religion against Catholics. The above sentiments and Justice Scalia’s scandalous no-show at the pope’s speech to Congress seems to suggest he has internalized their hatred of Catholicism all too well. But I digress from the main question . . .

Much, too much, has been said, especially after the Pope-inspired Wheaton fiasco, about whether Christians worship the same God as Muslims–even though Islam’s picture of God, like Judaism, lacks the explicit articulation of fundamental Christian beliefs in the Trinity, divinity of Jesus, and so on.

It’s obvious that they worship the same God and anybody who tells you otherwise is probably an Arian heretic. Granted, Arianism is one of the oldest heresies around, so they’ll have something like tradition on your side (or against it).

Now, does a god who smiles upon and is very good/nice to a people who do him honor resemble the God of the Bible?

Not really.

More at the link.

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