Govern Via Executive Order, See Your Orders Reversed.

Ah Kentucky.

Their last governor, Steve Beshear (D) took a page from B. Hussein 0bama’s play-book.  He used executive orders to accomplish what his legislature refused to do.  Among his E. O.’s were:

Restoring the Franchise to 140,000 felons.

Raising the Minimum Wage for State Employees and Contractors to $10.10/Hour.

Newly elected Governor Matt Bevin (R, only the third Republican Governor elected in Kentucky since WWII) overturned these EO’s.

Leaving the briefly enfranchised felons again disenfranchised.

Restoring the Minimum Wage for State Employees and Contractors to the Federally mandated $7.50/Hour.

And, in (yet another) knock on event from the fracas in Rowan County, issued an EO removing Elected County Clerk names from “Marriage” licenses issued in their respective counties.

The wailing and moaning of the left over this are among the sweetest progressive tears I have ever enjoyed.


Live by the EO, Die by the EO.  I hope our next Republican President takes this as their working model.


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