Obama in Paris: Mass shootings don’t happen in other countries.

The blogosphere and other news outlets are buzzing about the president’s latest foot-in-the-mouth episode:

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, President Obama addressed Planned Parenthood shooting over the weekend, likening the mass shooting to a terrorist attack. Speaking in Paris, a city which recently experienced a coordinated terror attack that left over 130 dead, Obama said these type of “mass shootings” don’t occur in other countries.

“With respect to Planned Parenthood, obviously, my heart goes out to those families impacted. I mean, I say this every time we go one of these mass shootings, this just doesn’t happen in other countries,” President Obama said.

“You know, we are rightly determined to prevent terrorist attacks wherever they occur, whether in the United States or with friends and allies like France, and we devote enormous resources and properly so to rooting out networks and debilitating organizations like ISIL and maintaining the intelligence,” the president said.

Nonetheless, the numbskull moment is made egregious due to the fact that the president made that remark in a country where that very thing just happened. Given his phony “commonsense” appeal for tighter gun control, he may be clumsily attempting to peddle the narrative that such things only happen in the U.S. If so, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time—and many on the left are calling Trump an embarrassment?

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