Is there room?


Is there room to fight jihadists, and I mean to the death, while also feeling concern, even compassion, for refugees? Is it an either/or situation or a both/and situation?

I’m about as fed up and pissed off as the next guy or gal with Islamists and with those in our government who want to coddle them… and yet… I do see pictures of frightened women and children, fleeing from danger, who I think deserve the West’s prudent help.

I think the analogy that comes to mind, and it’s not original with me, is an analogy to gun rights… we rightfully argue that a minority of those who use guns for nefarious reasons should not as a result infringe upon the rights of those who do not… why wouldn’t that principle apply to the Syrian refugees, meaning that a minority of them are staining all of them, potentially denying the truly needy the basic right to existence … it’s something I’m seriously, very seriously, struggling with.


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