Asking the Wrong Question.

The Question posed “Is there room…” as regards Syrian refugees is largely meaningless.  Certainly there is room.  Take for example this tent city in Saudi Arabia:


It is irrigated, sanitary, and air-conditioned. It currently houses zero (as in not one) refugee from Syria.  Why?  Because the Saudi’s believe the Syrian refugees would pose a severe threat to their internal security.

Nor is this a recent phenomenon.

None of the Mohamedean nations bordering Israel were willing to take in their fellow religionists who fled the founding of Israel.

The questions thus are:

Why aren’t their fellow Mohamedeans taking in the Syrian refugees?

Given the events of the Friday the 13th Massacre, why would any Western Nation believe any such wave of Syrian Refugees would not be thoroughly infiltrated by Jihadists?

A few more reasons to verify first…

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