Immigration, Refuge, and Islam’s War on the West


Pas tellement…

[translations: All is forgiven? Not so much…]

The Central Themes for America’s 2016 Presidential Campaign were just set in Paris by the sons of the false prophet (PSBUH).

Set the Wayback Machine for the Year of Our Lord 722!


Yes, 722 A.D.  Marked (by some, disputed by others) as the beginning of the Reconquista; the reconquering of the Iberian (Spain and Portugal) peninsula and the expulsion of the Moors which ran until 1491.  It was also, arguably and until now, the greatest inroads the Mohammedeans had made into Europe.

The Spanish and Portuguese spent the next seven and a half centuries cleaning house.

The events of the last few years has been another invasion of Europe by Mohammedeans, as has just been made painfully clear.

The question before us, is can we learn from this lesson in Europe, or must we be further bloodied at home before we take the lesson?  I fear the latter, given our domestic left’s lack of perseverence and denial of inconvenient truths.

France seems to have finally awaken to the fifth column within.  The other nations of the (soon to be defunct) European Union were already reconsidering the wisdom of Open Borders before the Friday the 13th Massacre in Paris.  I expect that debate is all but over (save for the wailing rearguard actions of the progressives).

So, will the United States learn from Europe’s folly and suffering, or must we suffer a similar set of massacres here before coming to our senses?

And by coming to our senses I mean:

  1.  Immigration Control and Screening just became our top national security priority.
  2.  Any further immigrants / refugees from the Mohammedean world must be very thoroughly vetted and monitored.
  3.  Our porous borders must be brought under strict control.
  4.  Recognition that the Mohammedeans are at war with Western Civilization.


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