The 4th Prime Time GOP Debate: A Brief Summary

Then There Were Eight

The 4th prime time GOP debate was far superior to the 3rd one, thanks to better moderators and fewer people on the stage.

Both Cruz and Rubio had a good night. If the GOP contest were to be decided on debate performances alone, then it would be a two-person race, with Cruz and Rubio running neck and neck.

Fiorina’s strength was shown when she stated just how she would use military action to counter Vladimir Putin’s actions in the Ukraine and in the Middle East.

Carson started the debate in a strong way, but he faded until it came time for closing remarks.

Trump was more like a statesman this time, which is was a pleasant surprise.

Bush didn’t hurt himself like he did the last time, but he didn’t get the home run that he needed.

Paul came across as weak on national defense.

Kasich’s demeanor was his downfall.

It’s too bad that Gov. Chris Christie wasn’t included. He would have been more entertaining than Paul and Kasich.

As for that other person who didn’t make the prime-time cut . . . who was he again?

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