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Democrat hand-wringing is the topic of Reid Wilson’s 11/04/15 article “Democrats Look for Answers After Surprising Losses”.

Reid Wilson

Reid begins by saying, “Startling election losses on Tuesday have given new urgency to top Democrats in Washington planning to coordinate campaign resources, according to people involved in behind-the-scenes conversations.”

Those losses may have been startling to Democratic Party officials, but they weren’t startling to people living outside of the Democratic Party echo chamber.

Reid writes, “Interviews with more than a dozen Democratic insiders reveal a deep and pervasive concern, exacerbated by Tuesday’s elections in which Democrats lost control of Kentucky’s governorship and failed to gain seats in Virginia’s state Senate, that while the party is capable of cobbling together a sufficient coalition to win high-turnout presidential years, its struggles outside those years will hinder its ability to wrest back control of other levers of government at both the state and federal level. . . The problem, in some Democrats’ minds, is that the Democratic message simply doesn’t resonate beyond its base.”

Reid goes on to quote Delaware Governor Jack Markell, who states, “We live in a world, like it or not, where there are more conservatives than there are liberals. The idea that we can win elections just by turning out our base, to me, doesn’t make a lot of sense. We have to win elections by having an agenda that’s compelling not only to Democrats, but to independents and even a few Republicans.”

Gov. Jack Markell

Reid and Markell have put their fingers on the reason why the GOP has regained control of both houses of Congress as well as made gains within the governments of the individual states. The Democratic Party’s message and agenda don’t work as well as the GOP’s.

Radio show host Wayne Dupree sums up the problem with the Democratic Party’s agenda when he writes, “A liberal agenda does nothing to offer solutions, only more of the failed policies of the past – more taxes, more welfare, more debt, and more government programs.”

Granted, the GOP is not perfect. In previous posts, this writer has not hesitated to describe what he sees as flaws within the GOP. Still, the GOP wins like it does because voters are waking up to the reality that growing the government isn’t the answer to everything.

After all, some problems can be solved only by a change of heart, and the government can’t change hearts.

Besides, the answer to everything is 42.

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