Conservatives Win Big

Fellow Wizbang moderator, David Robertson, has complained that the GOP is tone-deafnot Reagan’s party, and tolerates too many crackpots. Those observations had prompted me to wonder how the GOP could be afflicted with so many maladies while retaining majorities in both houses of Congress, state legislatures, and governorships.

One must also wonder how such an inept party was able to score huge victories in yesterday’s elections. Matt Bevin exhibited typical tone-deafness by visiting and backing Kim Davis. Kentucky voters rejected the “crackpot” candidate by making him their second GOP governor in four decades.

There was a time when the GOP was more mainstream. From 1955 to 1995, they were the minority party in the House of Representatives, and from 1955 to 1981, they were the minority party in the Senate. Goldwater and Reagan led the party away from the me-tooism malaise, but there are “far too many” liberal-lite crackpots in the GOP who say one thing during an election and govern another way when they get into office. As Senator Cruz recently said, there’s a reason why there’s a nearly 20 trillion dollar national debt, and it didn’t get there without Republican help.

We can either take the “sound” advice of Establishment Republicans, play nice, and get stuck in permanent minority status, or we can continue to ignore the defeatists and win elections.

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Kentucky's Historic Election
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