Doctor Frankenstein, please call your office.

Thomas Eakins, The Agnew Clinic 1889

A Russian computer scientist is scheduled to undergo a head transplant. No, that’s not a Halloween joke.

Fox News reports that the procedure has been scheduled to take place in December of 2017. A Business Insider story states, “The operation will reportedly last up to 36 hours and cost an estimated $11 million. The entire procedure will require the assistance of about 150 doctors and nurses.”

Neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero is leading this medical project, which he has named HEad Anatomosis VENture, a.k.a. HEAVEN. Regarding Dr. Canavero, a story in The Guardian states, “The physician added that there was no such thing as the self, and that the final goal of his project was life extension.”

If Canavero’s goal is achieved, then a body lacking a living brain will acquired a new head containing a living brain, with the latter being that of the Russian computer scientist.

Of course, there are plenty of bodies lacking heads with a living brains. Certain politicians and their supporters come to mind.

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