The Democratic-Socialist Party

The Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll is out with some interesting tidbits. For example:

For each of the following potential candidate concerns, please tell me if this is something that makes you less supportive of the person or does not bother you.

For “Bernie Sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist,” 81% said it did not bother them, but “Bernie Sanders has voted against waiting periods and background checks for gun buyers,” garnered a 60% “less supportive” response.

Sen. Sanders has a 0% rating from the National Rifle Association, but has apparently managed to pull a D-minus according to some websites.

So, Democrats are more concerned with Sanders’ 0% or D-minus NRA rating than they are with his professed socialism. What does that say about Democrats, America? The socialists have arrived and they’re going after your guns. Of course, we’ve known that for some time, but it’s getting harder for liberals to lie about it.

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