Bernie and Joe Too Classy for Democratic Party

Senator Sanders and Vice President Biden have demonstrated that they are too classy for today’s Democratic Party, as illustrated in this excerpt from a story by ABC News.

Bernie Sanders may be the most liberal candidate running for president, but he said today Republicans are not his “enemies,” in what seemed like a veiled jab at the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.

“Well, as the most progressive member of the United States Senate, I obviously have strong disagreements with the Republicans on every issue,” Sanders said at a news conference outside of Penn Station in New York City. “There is no issue that we don’t have fundamental disagreements, but I would not use the word ‘enemies’ to describe a fellow American. Strong differences in opinion, opponents, I wouldn’t use the word enemies.”

Sanders was responding to a question about whether he agreed with Vice President Joe Biden saying in his speech in the Rose Garden today, “I don’t believe as some do that it’s naïve to talk to Republicans. … They are not our enemies.” This is just one week after Clinton cited “the Republicans” as the enemy she’s most proud of in the Democratic debate.

These two gentlemen are correct. Republicans aren’t enemies of America despite the rantings of Democrat commentators who would have everyone believe the opposite.

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