Syria, two years on…

In August of 2013 I proposed the following tests for consideration of the advisability of committing to a war in Syria:

Words of Wisdom from Bart

Words of Wisdom from Bart


The proponents of the notion must answer the following questions:

  1. Are our vital national interests at stake?
  2. Are we supporting a friendly power or party by going to war?
  3. Is American intervention likely to actually improve the situation?
  4. Has the current Administration demonstrated military and Diplomatic competence?
  5. Has the current Administration demonstrated persistence?

None of the commentors were able to answer all five questions satisfactorily, far less the 0bama [mal]Administration.  My conclusion then was:

In my estimation the notion fails on all counts.

Now the Russians are involved, which makes containment an issue as an answer to the first question.  Questions 2-5 still have no answers justifying an intervention by U. S. Armed Forces, and 0bama’s “secret war” has proved both far from secret and even less effective.

Predictions at the time included:


Say, isn’t this what we tried in Vietnam? A ‘proportional response’?

History replays itself.

Shit. Expect a draft within two years…

Sorry[actually, quite happy]. Two years on, no ground forces and no draft

Our soi-disant cognoscenti CJCS opined:

Yesterday, it was “When there is evil it is our business and we are stronger when there is democracy instead of Baathist dictatorship.” and “because Hitler!”

Then again he was just attempting to perpetuate the Damn Lie.

So…  Two years on and the 0bama [mal]Administration’s Mideast Policy has delivered death, destruction, turmoil, and tears without a single tangible benefit to the Republic.

Those are the kinds of results one expects from a Progtard.

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