Rehabilitation FAIL

Robert Redford’s attempt to re-write the self inflicted disgrace of Dan Rather (Biased) and Mary (Trust Me) Mapes has foundered on the shoals of the boxoffice.


Rathergate movie ‘Truth’ and Netflix entry ‘Beasts of No Nation’ falter at the specialty box office as critical darlings ‘Steve Jobs’ and ‘Room’ get all the love.

One high-profile title that’s off to a poor start is Truth, starring Robert Redford as ousted CBS Evening New anchor Dan Rather and Cate Blanchett as disgraced 60 Minutes producer Mary Mapes. The Sony Pictures Classics release opened to $76,646 from six locations in New York and Los Angeles for a theater average of $12,774.

They chose to fabricate news and deserve to be remembered as vile hacks.

Syria, two years on...
Guns Down Under, etc.