The (nearly) Complete Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Scandals

It’s 21 entries long.  I’d shorten it to 20, as Monica Lewinski’s Boyfriend was the culpable party, not Hillary (though one could argue her Stand By Your Man press conferences made her culpable as well) in L’affair Lewinski.  See the Washington Times for the full list.  The ones I consider disqualifying for any elective office:

  1. Failure to Protect Classified Data, better known as Hillary’s private emails: Hundreds of national secrets already leaked through private email and the specter of a criminal probe looming large.
  2. Bengazi and subsequent cover up.  Four Americans killed, an entire system of weak diplomatic security uncloaked, and the credibility of a president and his secretary of state damaged-
  3. Foundation favors: Revealing evidence that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-to-play back door to the State Department, and an open checkbook for foreigners to curry favor.
  4. Humma’s special arrangement.  An aide’s sweetheart job arrangement.

Go, read the whole thing.

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