The Democratic Faithful have 12 Commandments

Ed Driscoll, writing at Instapundit has a great link to the ever insightful Victor Davis Hansen, which fits right in with Wizbangs recent trends…



I     Thou shalt have no god before Climate Change.

II    Thou shalt not bear graven images to vote.

III   Thou shalt not take the name of Affirmative Action in vain.

IV    Thou shalt ignore imigration law, thou shalt not utter “illegal imigration.”

V      Thou shalt honor the University.

VI     Thou shalt not bear, keep, or possess firearms.

VII   Thou shalt observe Diversity as we define it at that moment.

VIII  Thou shalt attend no school nor be taught any curriculum not approved by the State.

IX     Thy cities shall observe not imigration law.

X       Thou shalt protect the Enivornment before thyself.





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