What was once called just plain good sense…

ARCHBISHOP FULTON J. SHEENAgeless wisdom, because it’s sourced in Catholic teaching, from the Venerable and Most Reverend Fulton J. Sheen:

A few generations ago it was the fashion to get behind Capitalism, and political parties were formed to support its legislation. Now it is the fashion and mood to get behind Labor which develops its own parties, while John Q. Public and the common good is like ground meat in the sandwich. Each class demands its rights in the name of freedom, forgetting that, as Lincoln once said, “Sheep and wolves never agree on the definition of freedom.”           
The Christian solution is to get behind neither Capital nor Labor exclusively; but to be behind Capital when Marxian Socialism would destroy private property, and to be behind Labor when Monopolistic Capitalism would claim the priority of profits over the right to a just wage.     

More where that came from here.  Excellent reading for the thinking person.

Carry on.

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