Kirsten Powers awakens to the beauty and depth and riches of the Catholic faith

Just under two years ago, Msgr. Charles Pope wrote in part of Kirsten Powers’ conversion to evangelical Christianity:

The other day I read a beautiful conversion story, a witness story of a woman I have long admired, Kirsten Powers. She is a Fox News Commentator. And while I do not always agree with her political perspectives, she is a solid journalist, she gives fair consideration to all issues, and is, to my mind, a very classy lady.

He went on to chronicle and respond to Ms. Powers testimony, one describing her embrace of an Evangelical Presbyterian Church and the struggles and challenges that followed. 

But it’s the following words that caught my eye in Msgr. Pope’s piece:

I pray that Kirsten Powers will grow strong in faith and deep in conviction that Jesus is Lord and the KirstenPowerslover of her soul.
“But Father, but Father….!” I hear some of you saying, “She did not become Catholic! How can we praise this!?” Well, all I know is that we are all on a journey. And the Lord has surely led some of the best Catholics through the Evangelical denominations ultimately to the Catholic Church.
And I will add that their time there (in the Evangelical denominations) was not a detour or wasted. In fact some of the greatest converts to the Catholic Church bring many gifts from their time as Evangelicals: Love for Jesus, the understanding of a personal and intimate walk with the Lord, a love for Scripture, and a zeal for souls.
At a personal level I would love for Ms. Powers to one day find herself in full union with the Catholic Church. For now I am joyful she found Jesus and I trust Jesus to lead her. Rejoice with me, rejoice with her, Jesus is joy, he is Lord and Shepherd. He shepherds us rightly.

Well Msgr. Pope, that one day has apparently arrived:

Welcome Ms. Powers to the faith that challenges yet enriches, the faith that confounds yet satisfies, the faith that is hated by many and loved deeply by so many more.

May God use you ma’am to bring others to His embrace.


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