Inadvertent Affirmation

Wherein the Media simultaneously demonstrates their lack of objectivity with regard to the current [mal]Administration while revealing that the [P]resident really is that shallow and petulant.  Another great catch by Glenn Instapundit Reynolds…


Obama Gives His Marching Orders On Guns. And the press happily submits.

Before anything was known about the shooter, the guns or the victims, Barack Obama was once again yelling at everyone in the country not responsible for the crime. This was an angry, petulant, lecturing leftist straight out of the Occidental teacher’s lounge. It was also the first time this country saw the real Barack Obama. It was, if anything, refreshing. He is who we thought he was. . . . Media personalities and journalists have in years past usually fallen back on ‘Ha ha, don’t be so paranoid, silly gun nut! Nobody’s coming for your guns!’ It’s the same cliche response they’ve always whipped out when forced to defend their positions as credible reporters and not progressive activists. Except this time, because of Obama’s own words and actions, they now feel Narratively Empowered.

There’s a reason most Conservatives I know eschew the Lame Stream Media, and this is a shining example of why.

In “Who could have seen that coming” related news, Matt Drudge reports: FLASH: Gun sales set new record…

Why bless their hearts.  I’ll certainly be praying for them.

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