Hillary’s New Fairy Tale

Shocked Hillary

Hillary Clinton is so brilliant that she has come up with a solution to a non-existing problem.

In a quest to capitalize on the recent mass shooting in Oregon, Hillary is now telling a new fairy tale: “If I am elected, then I will close the gun-show loop hole.” There is just one problem with her claim. As Sean Davis points out in a commentary for The Federalist, no such loop hole exists.

There is zero protection enshrined in law for transactions that happen to occur at a gun show or over the Internet. Zip. Zilch. Nada. The so-called “gun show loophole” simply does not exist. Nor does any sort of Internet gun sale loophole. Federal gun laws are directed at the entities engaging in the manufacture or distribution of firearms, not the mere venues where those activities happen to take place.

Granted, Hillary has such a naive and gullible audience to tell her fairy tale to, the same audience which believed that the election of Barack Obama as POTUS would stop the oceans from rising, which now believes that a Democrat in the White House can stop climate from changing.

The Democratic Party has plenty of fairy tales that it tries to sell to the public, such as “the world is a safer place because of Barack Obama” and “the wealthy don’t pay their fair share of taxes”. The Party depends on Americans being gullible in order to convince them to see racism in benign acts and statements made by Republicans. The whole “the GOP is racist” canard is the Democratic Party’s default fairy tale when others don’t work.

Anyway, Hillary’s “I’ll close the loophole” claim should trouble Democrats for one reason:
If such a loophole did exist, then why wouldn’t Hillary simply ask President Obama to close it now?

Does Hillary want this alleged “loophole” to remain in existence until January 2017?

If Hillary really believes that the POTUS can solve an urgent problem via executive order, then why wouldn’t she want the current POTUS to solve it? After all, President Obama has repeatedly shown that he won’t hesitate to use executive orders to get what he wants.

Perhaps Hillary is simply all form and no substance. Then again, some people might say that “all form and no substance” is the modus operandi of the entire Democratic Party.

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