Salon Article Calls Michelle Malkin a Monkey

Gary Legum, in a rant against “gun nuts,” referred to political columnist and commentator, Michelle Malkin, as a “rage monkey.” Here’s the relevant paragraph:

National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke was quick to blame the media and second the idea that reporting on shootings leads to copycats. Right-wing rage monkey Michelle Malkin suggested gun control advocates refrain from commenting on breaking news of shootings, for reasons that elude all reasonable explanation. Does she think we’re going to find out the shooter used a marshmallow gun or actually stabbed all his victims with a grapefruit spoon?

It’s rather obvious that “racism” is merely code for “bash Republicans” in the playbook of some liberals. Their contempt for Asians and any other minority leaches through whenever the idol of liberalism is questioned. Imagine the outrage if President Obama were called a “rage monkey” by a conservative commentator. Calls for termination would be immediate and unrelenting.

This illustrates what’s beneath the surface of many political pundits. They hate blacks, Jews, Asians, etc., but they’ve got to pretend that racism is the province of conservatism because it furthers “the cause.” Racial minorities are merely props in their quest for power. Sometimes that craving seizes them to such a degree that their true colors emerge.

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