Come, Take them…

Progtards never miss an opportunity to wave a bloody shirt.

It’s really all they have, as not a single one of their programs or initiatives can stand in the face of serious examination and logical examination.

Glenn Instapundit Reynolds writing in the pages of the tired gray crone of Gotham notes:

In 2012, Room for Debate asked ”Is the Gun Lobby Invincible?” Since then, the answer has turned out to be “yeah, pretty much.” And the reason is trust.

So if you want more gun control, you need more trust. And if you want more trust, police and politicians must be more trustworthy. Good luck with that!

Trust in both Government and Law Enforcement are at or near all time lows, the demonstrated lawlessness of the Obama [mal]Administration undermines the very trust required to convince free men to give up their arms.

Forcing the issue will not end well.  μολὼν λαβέ

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