Betrayal; The Signature Accomplishment of Democrats

Having been advised of the The Merits of the Democratic Party, what say we examine their accomplishments.  The Democrats themselves (and progressives in general) would prefer to be judged on their stated intentions. What they have actually done is a far better scale on which to judge them.

Two Democratic Presidents who have arrogated powers unto themselves and their offices not granted by the Constitution:

Both F. Delano Roosevelt and B. Hussein 0bama have acted beyond the powers granted them under the Constitution, and the latter has been faithless to his Oath of Office and the Constitutional Directive that he

…shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed


Two wars fought and won, that the Democrats subsequently pissed away in the “peace” which followed by betraying allies.

Two Cities (Detroit and Baltimore) destroyed by 50 years of Democratic Governance.

A “War on Poverty” that epitomizes Pathological Altruism.

An alarming tendency in implement as policy when in power that which they warn of when out of power.

Talk of Democratic Party merits is both cheap and dishonest.  These are their fruits, by which you should know them.

Don’t be a “John.”

Lee Stanahan won't say it, so I shall...
"The Right’s discontent may tell us more about the paralysis that has afflicted conservative politics..."