Where Were You When The Revolution Manifested?

Revolution:  II. Change, upheaval.

a. Alteration, change; upheaval; reversal of fortune.

b. As a count noun: an alteration, a change; esp. a dramatic or wide-reaching change in conditions, the state of affairs, etc.

For myself, I view Revolution as the change in understanding or perception which undermines an established order.  As such the actual revolution is in the hearts and minds of men, but is often not widely perceived to be a Revolution until the consequences of that change become manifest.  Historically, I submit that the American Revolution was men viewing themselves as Americans first, or instead of, Englishmen.  The events which became the Revolutionary War were the tangible manifestations of that Revolution.

From this perspective I read today’s column by J. Christian Adams at his Rule of Law blog on PJ Media.

The Revolution Has Begun

“You can almost see the circuits blowing.” – Neil Peart, in Far Cry

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it started, but with Speaker John Boehner’s resignation announcement, there’s no doubt the revolution has begun. Perhaps it was the first time you bookmarked the Drudge Report. Or maybe, when at the Drudge Report, you said: “Who is this Breitbart?” Eric Cantor’s primary loss to Dave Brat was certainly a moment when the revolution was stirring and produced tangible results rather than just internet narrative.

Regardless of when the revolution started, it’s clearly underway.

First, what do I mean by revolution? Like with all revolutions, the old ways are being replaced. But this revolution has a twist: the revolution is trying to replace the old ways of doing business with even older, and more timeless ways. Namely, this revolution is a revolution against centralized power.

It could be that this revolution really started two centuries ago. Perhaps it never stopped. We were warned about the price of eternal vigilance, weren’t we?

Indeed we were. When asked what kind of Government the Constitutional Convention had produced, Franklin was said to have replied “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Our keeping of our Republic has been in more than a little doubt over the last six years.

For myself, I’ve been hearing rumbles of a change for some time, though living in the belly of the Blue Beast as I do, it has seemed distant and muted.

It seemed less so at the Red State Gathering.

Now it is manifest.

So what’s up next for the revolution? Some accounts say Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is on deck.  One thing seems likely: the revolution will play a central role in picking the next Republican nominee. The establishment GOP needs the revolution far more than the revolution needs the establishment GOP.

While Democrats might enjoy the intra-party bloodletting, the institutional left might have even more to fear: as they say, these people don’t play around. They are coming after you next.

We have a little list…

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