Christianity Is Not A Political System

In light of the fuss about religion and politics, something needs to be said: Christianity is not a political system.

That fact is lost on certain political partisans who equate their political beliefs with the Christian faith. For example, in April of 2010, Townhall columnist Doug Giles wrote a commentary in which he states, “Somehow, somewhere pastors have decided not to speak out against political corruption and instead retreat into their quaint Christian ghetto on the sidelines of life and remain silent as our nation sinks into socialism.”

Apparently, Mr. Giles had the job of Christian pastors confused with the job of politicians, because it isn’t the former’s job to preach against socialism or any kind of political or economic system.

The New Testament neither endorses nor forbids any kind of civil government. Indeed, the New Testament is politically neutral, which makes Christianity politically neutral as well. That is why a person can be both a devout Christian and a Republican, as well as be both a devout Christian and a Democrat.

There is nothing wrong with a Christian supporting a particular political cause. However, there is something wrong with a Christian getting a political cause confused with the cause of the Christian faith. Getting the two confused helps neither.

For the record, this writer is opposed to the USA being turned into the United Socialist States of America, which is why this writer wants the Republican Party to survive. More on that in a future post.

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