“… one draught of that living water…”

“I may, I suppose, regard myself, or pass for being, as a relatively successful man. People occasionally Malcolm_Muggeridgestare at me in the streets–that’s fame. I can fairly easily earn enough to qualify for admission to the higher slopes of the Internal Revenue–that’s success. Furnished with money and a little fame even the elderly, if they care to, may partake of trendy diversions– that’s pleasure. It might happen once in a while that something I said or wrote was sufficiently heeded for me to persuade myself that it represented a serious impact on our time–that’s fulfillment. Yet I say to you — and I beg you to believe me–multiply these tiny triumphs by a million, add them all together, and they are nothing–less than nothing, a positive impediment–measured against one draught of that living water Christ offers to the spiritually thirsty, irrespective of who or what they are.”
~Malcolm Muggeridge

H/T to my cyber-friend Tod Worner for the find.

Who, you might be asking, is Malcolm Muggeridge?  

Two quick reads for insight into who the man was and who he became can be found here and here.

Carry on.

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