Progress… how’s that working out for us?

“The superstition of progress asserts itself in some such fashion as this in our class rooms, best-sellers
and high-class journals: Man is naturally good and indefinitely perfectible, and thanks to great cosmic floods Forwardof evolution will be swept forward and forward until he becomes a kind of a god. Goodness increases with time, while evil and error decline. History represents the gradual but steady advance of man up the hill of the more abundant and happy life. No special institutions, no moral discipline, no Divine grace are necessary for the progress of man; for progress is automatic, due to the free play of natural forces and the operation of freedom in a world released from the superstition of religion. Because evil and sin are only vestigial remnants from the bestial past, evolution and science and education will finally eradicate them.”

~Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Philosophies at war)


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