Ohio’s Congressmen Need A Whaaambulance


Native Alaskans are getting back that which was taken from them, and Ohio’s congressmen are howling about it.

The citizens of Alaska in general and the natives of Alaska in particular have finally received the justice long denied them. President Barack Obama is undoing the ethnic insult that took place when Alaska’s Mount Denali had its Athabaskan name taken away and replaced with the name of a white man who never set foot in Alaska.

Back during the Nineteenth Century, D.C. politicians, in general, didn’t care if Native Americans were insulted by efforts to deprive them of their rights and heritage. Alaska’s Athabaskans certainly didn’t have any D.C. politician looking out for them. So, they were helpless to prevent a bunch of far-away white men from giving the former’s Mount Denali the official white name of Mount McKinley.

That insulting name change didn’t stop white Alaskans and Native Alaskans from calling Mount Denali by its correct Athabaskan name. One white Alaskan writes, “Well this big hype on Denali’s name being changed is so funny to us Alaskans. Guess what, Lower 48ers? We never called it McKinley. Sorry, doesn’t happen. Want to show you are new to Alaska? Call Denali McKinley.”

The restoration of the mountain’s Athabaskan name has pleased Alaska’s congressmen. On her Twitter page, in response to President Obama restoring the mountain’s real name, Alaska’s Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski posted the following YouTube video:

In contrast, Ohio’s congressmen are howling about President Obama’s action. From TheHill.com:

On his Twitter page, Ohio Representative Bob Gibbs writes, “This political stunt is insulting to all Ohioans.”

Here is how some Ohio residents responded to Rep. Gibbs:

Speaking on behalf of Alaska, one person suggests a simple solution to the fuss.

There are plenty of reasons to complain about President Obama, but this act by him isn’t one of them.

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