Immigration Questions That Democrats Should Answer

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Republicans are being grilled about immigration. Democrats need to be grilled as well.

If Americans are going to have a debate about immigration, then Democrats need to contribute by answering a few questions. Here they are.

1) Do you always support the rule of law?

2) If your answer to Question #1 is No, then what standard do you use to determine whether or not you will support the rule of law?

3) Do you support the rule of law in regards to the USA’s immigration laws?

4) Regarding adult immigrants who are in the USA illegally, do you want them to get away with violating the USA’s immigration laws?

5) Do you support the US government giving some kind of punishment to adult immigrants who are violating the USA’s immigration laws?

6) If a wall all along the northern side of the US-Mexican border were to be effective in preventing people from entering the USA illegally, then would you be in support of such a wall existing?

7) If you had friends and/or relatives living in a nation other than the USA, and if they wanted to enter the USA legally but were prevented from doing so, then would you approve of them entering the USA illegally?

8) If you currently have friends and/or relatives who are in the USA illegally, then do you condone their being in the USA illegally?

9) Do you believe that the USA’s current immigration laws are unfair?

10) It is right for one to ignore laws that one believes are unfair?

Adult immigrants who are in the USA illegally could not remain in the USA illegally if they did not have enablers who reside in the USA legally. The above-state questions are written so as to find out which Americans are enablers and which aren’t.

It should be noted that not all such enablers are Democrats.

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