Black Lives Matter – Electing a Republican Landslide

The so-called Black Lives Matter movement is doing everything they can to create a Republican landslide in 2016. Look for a repeat of the 1968 Democratic convention next year when they show up and try to shut it down.

First, in Seattle they showed up at a Bernie Sanders rally, demanded to be allowed to speak, shouted down speakers until they were finally given the podium, where they demanded a four and one-half minute silence in remembrance of Michael Brown, the thug in Ferguson, Missouri who was killed in self-defense when he attacked a police officer and tried to kill him.

Sanders finally gave up and called off the rally.

Here’s a BLM supporter – a college professor, of course – on MSNBC, talking about their agenda. It’s five minutes long and alcohol helps if you intend to get through the whole interview.

Any questions? These people have no allies for their real agenda, which is Marxism.

It appears that they’ll be taking on both political parties next year during their conventions. The leader of Black Lives Matter – another Marxist – is on record threatening to shut down the Republican Convention in Cleveland, July 18-21. I don’t expect they’ll get very far with that. Certainly police will be on high alert, but the key is that they won’t be successful getting onto the convention floor.

The DNC happens one week later in Philadelphia and you can look for all hell to break loose.


First of all, Philadelphia will be a very friendly BLM city and while police will certainly be on alert, expect them to be much more tolerant of bad behavior on the part of the BLM thugs, at the demand of the Democratic Party. There is a strong likelihood of major disruptions around the convention.

The much bigger deal, especially from a media perspective, will be the convention floor. Black Lives Matter will almost certainly get access to not only as many seats in the gallery as they want, they’ll be on the floor as well. And after being shut out in Cleveland, they’re going to be ready to rumble in Philly.

The media will ignore the disruption outside, unless there are major demonstrations and violence, but they won’t be able to ignore hell breaking loose on the convention floor.

So BLM, please show up with your posters of Michael Brown and Trayvon. Shout down speakers. Make demands for “justice.” And do it in prime time.


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