UH OH! Megyn Kelly Just Found Out the Hard Way Why You Don’t Mess With Donald J. Trump!

We really don’t know if Megyn Kelly was “offended” by Donald Trump’s comments. All we know is that some people, most notably Erick Erickson, editor of Redstate and a FoxNews backbencher, got their moment of moral outrage over his comments.

It looks like more people got upset about Megyn’s questioning of The Donald.

Trump supporters were furious. They took to twitter to voice their outrage. One person ever threatened to “gut her”. Angry viewers blew up Megyn Kelly’s face book page as well. Many people said that before this debate they respected her, but not anymore.
Americans were so livid about her performance, there is now a petition started on Change.org to remove her from any future debates on Fox.

The petition is being sent to Rupert Murdock, it garnered about 6,000 signatures in the first 24 hours. In various threads around the internet we’ve seen commenters swearing off watching Kelly because of her treatment of The Donald.

As Trump noted in the video, he didn’t much care one way or another about Megyn, she’s somebody he doesn’t respect.

Will his comments hurt him? We seriously doubt it. Trump’s appeal isn’t that he’s a nice guy, it’s that he’s in the face of the Republican Establishment. And anybody else who gets in his way.

As far as Megyn loosing market share, we doubt that’s going to happen either.


We’re guessing that, in protest, viewer may turn on Megyn’s Kelly Files and just keep the sound down.


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