Trump Won’t Rule Out Third Party

At Thursday night’s debate Donald Trump stirred things up when he refused to rule out a third party run if he loses the primary.

This is important because a third party run by Trump would almost certainly elect the Democratic nominee.

Needless to say, The Donald is taking a lot of heat from Republicans over this. Right now I think the comment is more bluster than anything else. I think Trump will disappear over the next few months as his history on positions begin to get more publicity than his outrageous – and sometimes true – statements are getting now.

Trump, despite his current claim that the government should be shut down to defund Planned Murderhood, is pro-choice. He’s donated heavily to Hillary’s Senatorial campaign and to the Clinton Foundation and he’s a friend of the family. He attended Chelsea’s wedding and reportedly sat in the front row.

Unless something radical happens – like the Republican Party bans him from the next debates – I don’t see the third party threat going anywhere.


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