What are we learning from Donald Trump?

The anecdotal evidence is in.

Things are so bad, things have reached such depths, the political climate is in such disarray, the culture so depraved, that only a Donald Trump can save us, never mind his character flaws.

This is the mantra.  This the meme.  Disagreeing with the Trumpians is a sign of weakness, a sign of giving in to political correctness.

If you’re not willing to overlook the man’s shortcomings, his rudeness, his crudeness then you are part of the DonaldTrumpproblem and you must necessarily be an Obama sympathizer.

It’s what I’m learning as I interact on social media, as I read the tweets, posts and blogs, as I peruse the reactions to what’s took place in the recent debate.  It’s a befuddling thing, a surreal thing, a baffling thing.

Jonah Goldberg is learning the same thing:

So now The Donald is in hot water for making a crude menstrual insult. This is as good a time as any to make a simple point, one I make to young conservative activists all the time. Just because being rude or crude is un-PC that is not, in itself, a defense of being rude or crude. You would think social conservatives in particular wouldn’t lose sight of this. But many have, at least going by my email and twitter feed. In the debate, Trump defended his long record of piggish comments about women on the grounds that we don’t have time for political correctness. I agree with that. But surely we have time for a modicum of good manners? We are now in the crazy stage where people are shouting at me that I (or Charles Krauthammer, or George Will or Erick Ericson or Kevin Williamson) must be a liberal if I don’t support Trump. Never mind that the objective evidence leans overwhelmingly that support for Trump puts your conservative convictions in doubt. Are we really going to go down the insane path of saying that real conservatives must abandon good manners and respect for women to demonstrate their purity? Count me out of that nonsense.

Count me out as well.  And nonsense it is.

I’m not sure I understand fully what it is I’m seeing.  I’m not sure if I’m moving in a particular direction on the political spectrum or if others are dong the moving.  But the polarizing is getting worse, the extremes on either end beginning to meld.

I don’t consider myself a moderate.  I think I’m more conservative than I am anything else.

But if Donald Trump is going to be the candidate around which conservatives need to rally, rally without me.

We’ve elected one too many a narcissist in my view, I’m not about to do anything that would lead to our electing another.

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