Racial Profiling in Connecticut! Cop Busted for Traffic Stop

It’s a good thing that there are an abundance of Social Justice Warriors in the Progressive – but, as you’ll see, very racist state of Connecticut. I’m expecting Al Sharpton to relocate to Hartford to combat the overt racial profiling and racism you’ll see in this post.

The day, May 9, started out like any other late spring day in Hartford. And then a professor, an English teacher, at a local community college was profiled, pulled over for a made up traffic infraction, insulted repeatedly by the white police officer before she was ticketed.


The professor, name, filed a police report as a result of the stop. We don’t know if she any real expectation that justice would be served in her case, but we suspect she might have, after all, Connecticut is a very Progressive state, just the kind of place where “Non-White Lives Matter.”

Here’s the letter that she filed on June 8 with the police over the traffic stop .

Dear Sir/Madam
I was traveling to Wethersfield on Route 15/5 to attend a meeting 9th May. I was on the left lane on route 15 and had to take exit 85. After the Brainard Airport exit, and after the merging lane ended, I signaled and went to the right lane to take exit 85. An unmarked police car with flashing light stopped me on the ramp after I had taken the exit. The policeman asked me if I could speak English and if I knew why he had stopped me. I said, “yes” to speaking English and “no” to why he had stopped me. He then asked me for my driver’s license and registration. He returned with an envelope and said that I could simply mail in the infraction.
The officer did not give me any reason as to why had stopped me. His asking if I could speak English shows that he had racially profiled me and was not able to give me a concrete reason for stopping me. Further, the officer had checked “Hispanic” in the race category in the infraction ticket. I am a Professor in English at Capital Community College, I teach about diversity and the negative impact of racial profiling, I have now become a target of the same insidious behavior! It is easy to connect the dots with the nationwide racial profiling which has led to serious consequences. I request that my infraction charges be dropped and action be taken against the officer. I have talked with the Senator and Legislator of my constituency regarding this matter and I am sending a copy of this letter to them as well.
Thank you in advance, Sincerely, Minati Roychoudhuri

A very polite letter, just what you’d expect from a college English teacher.

She details the incident with precision and her sense of outrage at being profiled is muted but very evident. She notes that she has the academic credentials to recognize racial profiling and also notes that her Progressive hometown is part of a nationwide cabal of racism.

In some places in the US Ms. Roychoudhuri might have reasonably expected that her complaint would have been simply blown off. But not in Progressive Connecticut. They take racism seriously in the Nutmeg State. Very seriously.

The internal affairs department interviewed her on June 15, just one week after filing her letter of complaint. She repeated the claims that the officer asked her if she spoke English and that he never told her what she was being cited for. She made a formal statement that included a paragraph that indicated it is a crime to make a statement that she doesn’t believe to be true in an effort to mislead a public servant. In other words, there are penalties for filing a false complaint with the police.

So far, we’ve got a she said/he said situation since we’re sure the officer denied the racial profiling. They always do. Fortunately for the truth, there was a third party at the traffic stop.


A dash cam in the police car. And the dash cam caught the police officer red handed. Dash cams record both video and audio. Here’s the transcript of the traffic stop.

Officer: Hi ma’am, do you know why I’m stopping you today?
Roychoudhuri: No
Officer: OK. There’s that big gore area with white lines painted across it and you cut in front of it, in front of me, thinking it’s a lane or something. You have to wait until it’s a dotted white line. License and registration.
(She handed him insurance, so he requested the registration again, which she gave him)
Officer: Thank you. This is for your Subaru car.
Roychoudhuri: This is my Subaru car.
Officer: Is this a station wagon, color green? The plate doesn’t match what’s on there.
Roychoudhuri: [Inaudible]…I thought that was my [inaudible]
Officer: I’ll run the plate and see what it comes back with.
Roychoudhuri: This is the [inaudible] that I have.
(Officer returns to his car for three minutes to write out the ticket for failure to drive in the established lane)
Officer: Ma’am. So I wrote you the infraction for that improper lane change that you did.
Roychoudhuri: Please, you know, I probably crossed over there, and that’s why I did it.
Officer: OK.
Roychoudhuri: Obviously I did that.
Officer: [Inaudible]
Roychoudhuri: My [inaudible] is absolutely clean.
Officer: Ok. So I wrote you an infraction for that improper lane change that you did.
Roychoudhuri: OK.
Officer: The answer date is on the front of it and the instructions are on the back of it.
Roychoudhuri: Wait, what?
Officer: It’s a mail in infraction. All you have to do is mail in, either a check or money order, and mail it in.
Roychoudhuri: OK.
Officer: Alright.
Roychoudhuri: Thank you.

Oops, I missed the part where he asked her if she could speak English. And the part where he didn’t tell her why he stopped her. I read it twice and missed that both times.

So did the Internal Affairs Department. No charges were filed against the police officer. Roychoudhuri, on the other hand, was arrested for giving a false statement to the police.

So, in the end we found the racism. It turns out it’s the college professor who is a racist.


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