‘Last Man Standing’ star Tim Allen: ‘We’re going to drill Hillary’ This Season

Hillary Bitch Face

All I can say to that is …


It looks like season five of “Last Man Standing” is going have a decidedly political bent to it, but according to star Tim Allen they’ll take everybody on. Especially Hillary and The Donald.

I’m going to guess that The Donald will make hay from the attention and Hillary will take off her “I’m not really a bitch” mask.

“We’re going to drill Hillary,” the star told FOX411 at the Television Critics Association Q&A session for his ABC series. “It will be horrible personally if Hillary continued [to lead the Democrats], but it will be great for the storyline if she continues.”

But the Democratic party isn’t the only one who will be under fire. Despite being a Republican, Allen isn’t throwing his support behind frontrunner Donald Trump.

Here’s the real Tim Allen, and it’s why we love him.

“I sat with a group of liberal Jewish guys who said, ‘When Trump starts to make sense, we know the world is upside down,'” Allen says. Then he jokes, “Until I see what’s under that hair, I can’t really support him.”

That’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

The Donalds Hair

I might even have to watch Last Man Standing this year.

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